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When a family loses a loved one by suicide, in their grief there are many questions, but one especially is, “What could I have done to prevent this action?”  Many become advocates for suicide prevention.  Sometimes a simple phrase, “Remember Sonny, I am always praying for you,” echoes to help a person struggle toward safety and not toward self-harm.  Sometimes it is a song. 

This song, "There's a Reason to Live," came from deep pain of loss and also hope of the future and the sharing of comfort.  We are taught that we can sing a person into our circle with joyous words, we should also sing them out as they strengthen their own circle.  This song of joy, of faith, and of hope can sing someone into the circle of care, support, and connections, then can also sing them out with resilience, grounding, and a solid anchor to move toward embracing tomorrow and the next day, and all the days that follow. 

Dolores Subia BigFoot, PhD.
Director, Suicide Prevention Resource Center (SPRC)

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