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Story Behind The Song


My son Jonathan died by suicide on March 5, 2010. He was 35 years old. Only those who have lost a loved one by suicide truly understands this kind of grief. Every death is sorrowful. Suicide is devastating.


A few days after returning from Jonathan’s funeral, I began writing a memoir about his life. One day I stopped writing because I felt like Jonathan had a message for me. I took a piece of paper and started writing these words as they flowed into my mind:


On the other side, the Savior stands; his love is given with outstretched hands. But you can feel Christ’s love today for His love for you never goes away . . . It’s a reason to live!


Sometimes you feel so all alone; your pain is deep, and no one knows how bad you really hurt inside—but pray for Jesus to be your guide . . . You’ll find a reason to live!


Hold on to hope for one more day. With faith in Christ, you’ll find a way to solve the problems facing you, and learn to make your dreams come true . . . There is a reason to live!


A reason to live . . . A reason to live . . .With faith in Christ, there is a reason to live! (03.31.2010)


Quiet tears came. I knew Jonathan regretted the decision to take his own life. He now wanted to get the message to others to not follow his example, but to trust in Christ. I immediately wanted to turn these words into a song—a song that would be powerful enough to give people hope and a reason to live.


No music came to me, so I waited. I revised the lyrics from time to time, but still no music came. I shared the lyrics on my website,, with the desire that the words alone might bring some peace and comfort to people who were depressed. I kept praying—and waiting for the music to come.


Over ten years later, on September 9, 2020, I woke up with some music in my head. I went to my old piano with some blank sheet music and a pencil as I tried to figure out what I was hearing and write it down. With my limited abilities, I knew it wasn’t perfect, but it was okay. I emailed my rough notes to my musically gifted and creative son Ben, who I knew could take it from there. He did. He revised the words a bit, expanded the chorus, added a bridge, and created the core musical arrangement. Two and a half weeks after sending Ben my initial notes, he surprised me by sending me a video recording of his family and some of my other children’s families singing this new version of the song.


Nearly a year later, I received the horrible news that our friends’ 17-year-old son had died by suicide on August 26, 2021. After shedding my own tears of anguish, I immediately sent this text to Ben, “I keep saying I want to do something about preventing suicide, but I never do. I just console people when it happens in their families. How long would it take to finalize, record, and release my song, “There’s a Reason to Live?” 


Ben told me a professional recording would take a month and gave me a cost estimate. I sent an urgent email with the lyrics of my song to all our family and extended family members. In 25 days, donations from $10 to $200 arrived until we had the needed amount, along with everyone’s encouragement to help prevent suicide by producing this song.


Ben was able to secure the talents of music producer Gavin McMahan, who arranged and recorded the music, and Yaphet Bustos (from BYU Vocal Point) who sang the song. We went to the recording session on January 15, 2022, which was an amazing experience we will always remember. The plan is to release our song, “There’s a Reason to Live,” to the public on Friday, March 4, 2022, the day before the 12-year anniversary of Jonathan’s passing on March 5, 2010.


Why did this song take twelve years to complete?


I have no idea.


Only God knows.


But I do trust His timing.                       

Lyrics & Dedication




This song is dedicated to:


Jonathan Fales (July 11, 1974 – March 05, 2010)

whose death inspired me to write the lyrics,


Nate Peters (August 19, 2004 – August 26, 2021)

whose death compelled me to get the song produced.


The message of this song is clear:

There is a reason to live.


Kristine Litster Fales

January 2022 






On the other side the Savior stands, 

But can you feel His outstretched hands?

He walks with you every single day;

His love for you never goes away.



There’s a reason to live!

There’s a reason to live!

There’s a reason to smile;

You’ve been loved all the while.

There’s a reason to live!

There’s a reason to live.



Sometimes you feel so all alone.

Your pain is deep, and no one knows.

Your cries for help are kept inside,

But pray for Jesus Christ to be your guide.





You are much more than you know.

If you could look inside your soul…

(Your soul…)

One day you will know.



Hold on to hope for one more day. 

With faith in Christ, you’ll find your way.

Courage and power will come to you

To help you make your dreams come true.



There’s a reason to live!

(With faith in Christ who saves us all)

There’s a reason to live!

(Our dear Savior, He hears your call)

There’s a reason to smile;

You’ve been loved all the while.

There’s a reason to live!

(There’s a reason to live.)

There’s a reason to live.


There’s a reason to live.

Jesus wants you to live.

Please choose to live.

There’s a reason to live.


Words and music by:

Kristine Litster Fales and Ben Fales 

Sheet Music


Cover Art_There's a Reason to Live_3000x3000.jpeg


When a family loses a loved one by suicide, in their grief there are many questions, but one especially is, “What could I have done to prevent this action?”  Many become advocates for suicide prevention.  Sometimes a simple phrase, “Remember Sonny, I am always praying for you,” echoes to help a person struggle toward safety and not toward self-harm.  Sometimes it is a song. 

This song came from deep pain of loss and also hope of the future and the sharing of comfort.  We are taught that we can sing a person into our circle with joyous words, we should also sing them out as they strengthen their own circle.  This song of joy, of faith, and of hope can sing someone into the circle of care, support, and connections, then can also sing them out with resilience, grounding, and a solid anchor to move toward embracing tomorrow and the next day, and all the days that follow. 

Dolores Subia BigFoot, PhD.
Director, Suicide Prevention Suicide Center

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