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You must believe in something.


If you don’t believe in God, believe in a “Higher Power” or “The Universe.” You must believe that there is something out there that is bigger and grander than you are. You must believe you are an integral part of this universe. 


The universe is like a gigantic puzzle. Each of us is a little puzzle piece, and each puzzle piece is vitally important. If one puzzle piece is missing, the universe is not complete. 


You must believe in yourself. You must believe that your life really matters, and the universe really does need you. It needs your personality. It needs your talents—the ones you have now—and the ones you don’t even know about yet that you will develop throughout your lifetime—much to your surprise! Right now, you have no idea what great gifts are hibernating within you or what amazing experiences are awaiting you up ahead. You must believe in yourself!


The universe needs your love, your kindness, and your compassion for others as you lift them up. The universe just needs you. 


Life can be ugly. When other people try to bully you or put you down, remember that they have a problem. They are hurting inside and are taking their pain out on you. Ignore their lies. Always remember the truth about your own greatness. Walk away and forgive them.


You must believe that just as you were born to live on this earth at an appointed time, there is an appointed time for you to leave this earth. 


Don’t choose to leave early. Don’t choose to take out your puzzle piece before your appointed time. Don’t disappear and crush the hearts of your family and friends who are left behind. 


Although you might feel hopeless right now, these distraught feelings are not going to last forever. 


Ask for help. Receive help. Find a reason to live.


Then go out and find someone else who is suffering and help them. 


Your life has a purpose.


Search for it. Discover it. Live it.


Believe it. 


There is a reason to live.

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